Crackdown on sale of expired goods in the Northern Cape

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In a bid to address the increasing sale of expired products by foreign-owned shops in Galeshewe township, the Northern Cape Consumer Protection Authority has joined forces with a local non-profit organization (NPO) to conduct intensified raids and levy hefty fines.

The NPO, Operation Fiela, has criticized the government for what it perceives as insufficient enforcement of existing by-laws.

Reports suggest that there are over 200 stores run by foreign nationals in Kimberley, allegedly selling expired goods.

Operation Fiela, in collaboration with the Consumer Protection Authority, aims to hold individuals accountable for their actions.

Local residents in Galeshewe insist that shops selling expired goods must face the consequences.

Resident Shemida Mogale stated, “We should stop buying from these shops and start operating our shops. Those who can open shops, they should start opening shops, so that we can support them as the community.”

Operation Fiela | Crack down on expired goods:

GBVF Activist Gregory Nyongane added, “We need SARS. We need police, health to come together so that we clean these areas. Because for the last 10 years, people have been suffering.”

Thabiso Louw, Chairperson for Operation Fiela, emphasized the urgency of the situation, calling for intervention from the consumer protection authority.

Louw stated, “We called on the consumer protection to intervene on the project. They have taught us a lot today and that they are going to work with us going forward and we want to see all of these shop owners respecting our community.”

Jon Relph Speek, a manager at the provincial Economic Development Department overseeing consumer protection, urged residents to report violations.

Speek said, “It’s imperative that the community and society in general must come to the consumer protection and open cases, and if it is found that the perpetrators are not complaining I can assure that I will send out my investigators to go investigate. We will summon the business to appear at the consumer court.”

Authorities have pledged to take strict action against those who flout regulations.