CPS will be history from 1st October: Shabangu

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Social Development Minister, Susan Shabangu, has assured the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Select Committee on Social Services that the current social grant distributor Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) will be history come the 1st of October.

Shabangu, departmental officials and Sassa briefed the Select Committee on the department’s budget and the progress made by Sassa to comply with the constitutional court order.

Sassa is currently reporting to the ConCourt on a monthly basis about the developments around social grant payments. Shabangu says her department will make sure that the court obligations are met and the Post office will take over the payment of grants.

“The court said to us we must never come back and ask for an extension or we must never come back and talk about CPS, because five years ago they said the CPS thing was invalid. Our target is that come end of September, 1st of October, our people must no longer get their money through CPS. ”

Meanwhile, Shabangu says the Post office needs to improve its infrastructure in rural areas to make it easy for social grant recipients.

Shabangu says the distribution of social grants by the post office will be the the way to go after CPS extended contract comes to an end.

“The post office needs to improve its own infrastructure. The post offices in the rural areas must be build in a way that they can be service providers. Must be the post office when we grew up was able to provide a service. In the villages,  the post offices which can build and be adequate and modernised – this is where we are going.”