The man accused by the public of having killed former Bafana Bafana footballer, Senzo Meyiwa says he was a coward on the fateful day but he did not shoot anyone.

Senzo was killed on 26 October 2014 at Kelly Khumalo’s house in Vosloorous, east of Johannesburg.  No arrests have been made and the son of renowned SA musician Sello “Chicco” Twala, Longwe Twala, is at the center of the controversy. Twala was one of those present when Senzo was murdered.

Speaking to SABC’s Metro FM, Twala denied allegations that he killed the beloved footballer.

“I’m saddened that my own people could do this to me. I was actually the coward of the day. I actually ran out when the gunmen came out and requested phones and money from us.

I was the first to try and stand up to protect everyone not realising that the other guy had a gun and pointed the gun at me I actually ran out.”

He says he could not call anyone because it was late at night and he had left his cellphone inside.

But later in the interview he contradicts this statement saying he had his phone in his pocket when he ran out of the house.

He says “a fight broke loose inside while Senzo was trying to protect Kelly because the guys where manhandling Kelly requesting money from her…He fought the guys, that’s when the guys actually released the gun shot.”

Twala says he thinks the Senzo’s death was a robbery went wrong.

“The intention I think was not to kill Senzo but they were protecting themselves because Senzo was overpowering them because he was a strong goalkeeper and that’s when the bullet went in from the back.”

Listen to Twala’s full interview below:

On Friday, Twala’s father, Chicco, told another radio station based in Johannesburg that his son and everyone who was at the house when Senzo was killed must tell the truth.

“Kelly Khumalo, Zandi Khumalo, Kelly’s mother, Longwe my son, Tumelo who is Senzo’s childhood friend and a guy called Mthokosizi Twala who is related to Mandisa who is Senzo’s wife, they must tell the police what happened because they were there. All of them, they must tell the police what happened. These six people, they know who pulled the trigger, they know who liked Senzo,” says Chicco.

Chicco says his son has gone back to doing drugs since Senzo’s murder.

“My son is a drug addict. Prior to Senzo being killed he was in Elim Clinic. He was now starting to repent. He was okay when he fell in love with Zando but after the Senzo murder he went back to drugs, he has been in and out of Elim Clinic,” says Chicco.

He says if his son killed Senzo, he must go to jail.

Earlier this week Chicco was on  Metro FM saying that his gun was not used to kill Senzo.

Listen to his interview below:


Chicco was responding to claims by Senzo’s father, Sam Meyiwa that the father of the killer paid police to cover up the crime.

“The person who killed Senzo is one of the boys who were in Kelly’s house. No one came to the house as claimed. These boys are protecting themselves. One of the boys killed Senzo. His father paid money to the police so his son is not arrested,” says Meyiwa, also in an interview with Metro FM.

Listen to Meyiwa’s interview below: