Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) director Dr John Nkengasong says that COVID-19 pandemic represents a generational crisis.

Nkegasong was speaking at the Africa CDC weekly COVID-19 update webinar.

Currently, the COVID-19 cases worldwide are over 26.6 million with more than 18.7 million recoveries and deaths at 876 225

On the rest of the continent, 52 African Union Member States have so far reported 1 286 532 cases; with 30 759 deaths and 1 021 079 recoveries.

“The COVID ( 19) pandemic that we have faced on our continent and the world represents a generational crisis. It is an unprecedented crisis that for the last 100 years the world has not experienced. For us, as a continent, we have to win this battle against COVID-19 in order to survive. So from that perspective, it becomes a moral issue that anyone will be trying to make sub gains through corrupt practices from any COVID respond to material or funds. I think that should be condemned by everybody.”

The Africa CDC director also commented on documented corruption cases regarding COVID-19 funds and material.

South Africa’s Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is probing more than 150 companies over the legitimacy of coronavirus-related equipment and services.

On Tuesday, African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa called on law enforcement agencies to immediately begin to ensure that the process of procuring personal protective equipment (PPEs) for the COVID-19 pandemic is followed through.

Ramaphosa led the ANC virtual media briefing on Monday following the party’s historic National Executive Committee’s (NEC) special meeting at the weekend.

In the video below SABC News discusses the ANC outcomes

Last month Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta ordered investigations into the alleged theft of funds meant for the procurement of provision for the fight against COVID-19 in the country.

Africa CDC’s Dr Nkegasong says that morality has to be at the centre of corruption. He says it is a human rights issue when funds meant to be directed towards saving lives have deviated and it should be condemned.

“I think that morality has to be at the centre of this and as I have argued before human rights have to be at the centre of this. Why is this a human rights issue? If we deviate personal protective equipment (PPE) or response funds that are supposed to be directed towards saving lives it is a human rights issue that must be condemned and penalised as much as possible. I think that is where we are as a continent. History will judge those who are guilty in this very harshly when the history of this pandemic is written and the chapter of how transparent we conducted ourselves in the spirit of true public service on the continent as a whole as a means of survival.”