COVID-19 infections rise to 31 168 in Africa with over 1 300 deaths recorded

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Africa now has 31 168 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The latest statistics from the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also reveal that more than 1 300 people have succumbed to the illness.

More than 9 100 people have, however, recovered.

Africa’s COVID-19 confirmed cases account for only 1% of the global numbers. There are nearly 3 million positive cases recorded across the world. The continent’s fatality rate stands at 4.5%. Thirty percent of patients who have contracted the viral infection have recovered.

In the video below, China’s CDC says it will continue to support Africa in fighting COVID-19:

North Africa has the highest number of cases at 12 500 with Egypt, Algeria and Morocco carrying the bulk of the numbers.

West African cases are now at more than 7 400, while Southern Africa has reported nearly 5 000 cases. South Africa counts for more than 75% of the region’s cases.