World Health Organisation African Region says COVID-19 infections in Africa will exceed one million cases in the coming days as the pandemic surges in several hotspot countries.

In a statement, WHO African Region says in a little more than three weeks, the number of cases on the continent almost doubled to 889 457, with 18 806 deaths.

“Overall, the pandemic is accelerating with the number of new cases increasing by 50% during the last 14 days compared with the previous fortnight. However, only five countries account for about 75% of the cumulative COVID-19 cases, they are Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. South Africa alone accounts for around half of the continent’s total cases. Deaths are also increasing. A total of 4376 new deaths were recorded during the last 14 days, representing a 22% increase from the previous two weeks.”

Seven countries in sub-Saharan Africa which had imposed lockdowns and have now started easing them have experienced a 20% jump in cases over the past two weeks.

Some countries such as the Republic of the Congo and Morocco have had to re-implement partial restrictions because of an increase in cases.

Below is the full statement:

WHO concerned about high number of COVID-19 cases in SA

The World Health Organisation has warned that the high number of COVID-19 cases in South Africa must be taken seriously because it is an indication of a looming crisis in the Sub Saharan region.

In the video below, WHO Director Dr. Tedros Gebreyesus has called for leadership during this crisis: