COVID-19 exposes inequality, discrimination, oppression across Sub-Saharan Africa

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Amnesty International says the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the impact of inequality, discrimination, and oppression across Sub-Saharan Africa.

In a recently published report, Amnesty International says the devastating impact of armed conflict was compounded by the pandemic in countries such as Mozambique, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

It says COVID-19 has worsened the already difficult situation of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants across several countries.

Amnesty International’s South Africa Executive Director Shenilla Mohamed says, “Our analysis has shown that COVID-19, in many countries, was used to sort of clamp down further on human rights. We saw a rapid deterioration of people’s rights during this time, including the use of excessive force in a general clampdown on rights.”

She says, “Our analysis showed that if there was any failure, it was the failure of government leaders across the board, not just in SA. Leaders in all countries in the world failed to keep their citizens safe and in their delivery of solutions to dealing with COVID-19 in an effective way.

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