Court upholds nullification of Beitbridge fence contract

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The Special Tribunal’s nullification of two companies’ multi-million-rand contract to erect a fence at the Beitbridge Border Post between South Africa and Zimbabwe still stands.

This after the Johannesburg High Court dismissed the appeal of Caledon River Properties and Profteam against the nullification.

The court ruled that the service providers must pay back the more than R40-million to the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure.

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) found that there were tender irregularities and the fence which was erected in 2020 was of poor quality.

The court has ordered the service providers to pay back the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure profit earned from the contracts as agreed by the experts within 30 days.

The court also instructed the service providers to provide audited statements and statements of accounts reflecting their income and expenditure in the contracts.

The SIU has welcomed the court’s decision saying it will enforce the implementation of the investigation outcomes and consequence management.

Special Tribunal hearing in the Beitbridge Border Post Fence case: