Court to hear application to set aside Vatsonga kingship report

Xibelani skirts which are traditional Vatsonga clothing
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The High Court in Pretoria is this morning expected to hear an application to set aside a report that was submitted to President Cyril Ramaphosa that included a statement that there was no Vatsonga kingship.

The Mkhari Royal House approached the court to challenge the report that was submitted in October 2021.

It argued that some members of an ad hoc panel on the Vatsonga kingship compiled the report.

“The royal family approached the Northern Gauteng High Court seeking a review and set aside of a report of an ad hoc panel that had been established for the sole purpose of investigating and making recommendations to the President on issues surrounding the Vatsonga Kingship,” explained Themba Madale, spokesperson of the royal family.

Madale further added, “The panel did its work and concluded in July 2021, submitted its report to the President and that the President should consider rather the restoration of the Vatsonga Kingship. In October of that same year, a second report was [submitted] outside of the mandate of the panel.”