The High Court in Makhanda, formerly known as Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, has ruled that the Makana Municipality be dissolved and a new administrator be appointed until a new council is elected. This comes after the municipality is accused of failing to provide services to the community.

Judge Igna Stretch delivered her judgment and ordered the provincial government to execute a recovery plan aimed at ensuring that the Makana Municipality meets its obligations. Ayanda Kota from the Unemployed Peoples Movement has welcomed the judgment.

“It’s a landmark judgment, it’s the first of its kind, it’s very historic that the municipality will be dissolved in terms of section 152. People have won against the strong political elite, so we welcome the judgment, it’s all about the city.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape has welcomed the judgment.

It has on numerous occasions called for the council to be dissolved so that fresh elections can be held and the people can vote in a government that is actually capable of bringing change to Makana. DA provincial leader Ngaba Bhanga says the court has now set a positive precedent that can be used in defunct municipalities across the province.