The Mangaung Metro in Bloemfontein has threatened to take legal action against Bloem Water. This after the water utility reduced supply to the Metro by 30% over a payment dispute.

However, the municipality also claims that it has been overpaying Bloem Water.

Mangaung Metro spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, insists that it’s Bloem Water that owes the municipality.

“The Bloem Water knows that we have launched a dispute they are owing us almost above R300 million¬† and this dispute is being discussed and I don’t understand why should members of the community suffer the pressure simply because people cannot understand each other but the leadership of the city is adamant that this will be averted.¬† If push comes to show we will have to take the legal route to make sure that members of the community are not affected by this unnecessary arrogance by the water utility.”