Countries energy crisis likely to get worse: Rico Euripidou

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Environmental justice organisation Groundwork says the country’s energy crisis is likely to get worse in the next few years due to further deterioration of power stations. Eskom is implementing stage four loadshedding until further notice- saying its budget for emergency diesel has been exhausted.

Groundwork campaign coordinator Rico Euripidou says political bungling is to blame for the same problem at Eskom.

“At the heart of the matter is Eskom’s aging coal fired power station fleet. But, it’s a whole bunch of bureaucratic, administrative, political problems the compound the issue. And because of all these bunglings along the way, our energy crisis is not gonna get resolved unless e have good, clear political decision making to bring renewable energy on line- which is the cheapest and the fastest way to bring power online”, says Euripidou.

Watch the full interview as Euripidou, shares his views with SABC;