Counsellors say couples should take advantage of the lockdown and work on their relationships. This comes as a spike in the divorce rate in China was reported post lockdown.

A countrywide lockdown is observed to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. This has forced many couples to spend more time together.

Neo Moqhekoana says the lockdown will help rekindle his relationship with his partner Pulane Mokoroane.

“I’m very excited and happy with the situation at the present moment. So far, it’s working well for us as a family and also I’m assisting with a course that she’s doing because I did the course previously. Where she lacks I’m there to help and the other thing is that it would spark something out of me; the cooking skills that I have and also the other things that maybe I feel will be of benefit to the family,” explains Mokoroane.

Pulane Mokoroane says she is learning a lot about her partner.

“So far, I’m happy because I’ve learnt so many things from my partner, those that I didn’t know before, but now I know everything and on the other side, I’m learning more from my assignment and from my son’s school work as well,” says Mokoroane.

Reverend Motantsi Makhele is also of the view that couples should make use of this time to work on their relationships.

“We normally advise the couples during the time like this. It’s a time we must use productively by making sure that if ever there are conflicts within the marriage itself, you don’t ventilate by being physical or just by walking out. But you utilize the opportunity to sit down with your partner and resolve the problems which are ever there. Wenow that tendency has been whenever there are problems we say, ‘I just want to cool down and go outside.’ Even if you go outside when you come back the problem is still there. It’s existing. So, you rather sit down and utilize this time positively so, by sitting down with your partner and resolving the problem,” says Makhele.

Marriage counsellor Mothijoa Lebese says communication is vital in any marriage.

“Let try and fix whatever that need to be fixed now. Let’s try and communicate … open doors of communication. Let’s communicate as husband and wife. Maybe we have been distant because our work or occupations, whatever it is that kept us separate in the past. Let’s try and communicate as much as possible and let’s pray about our marriage,” says Lebese.

Experts believe mutual understanding and respect between two people are key for a successful marriage.