Council sitting to elect new Mayor in Makhado Municipality in Limpopo collapses

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The council sitting to elect new Mayor, Speaker and Chief Whip in the Makhado Municipality in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo, has collapsed due to infighting among African National Congress (ANC) councillors.

Some councillors are not supporting a mayoral candidate recommended by the party.

Provincial ANC spokesperson Donald Selamolela says the problem emanated when some councillors failed to heed the resolution of the ANC NEC, which recommended that Samuel Munyai be retained as the mayor, as an investigation on the new candidate Gumani Mukwevho is ongoing.

Mukwevho has been recommended by the party. Selamolela says the matter will be resolved.

“We understand that collapsing emanate from the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the ANC resolution. The NEC has communicated that in the municipalities where there’s a complaint about the issue of mayors we must for now retain the former mayors even with regard with Makhado Municipality.”

We have been mandated to retain comrade Munyai until NEC do the investigation and our recommendation is Gumani Mukwevho who is part of the council. There’s no question on the issue of the Speaker, there’s no question on the issue of Chief Whip, the councillors must follow the mandate of the ANC caucus in that region.”