The Mine Health and Safety Council says more pressure should be placed on mining companies to ensure comprehensive Tuberculosis  (TB) and HIV screening as well as treatment at work places.

The council says it believes this will help reduce the high number of infections within the mining industry. Currently, TB is the leading killer of people with HIV worldwide, with South Africa reflecting this pattern.

Speaking at the 9th SA AIDS Conference in Durban, the council’s Chairperson of TB and HIV Advisory Committee, Dr Lindiwe Ndelu says mining companies must be constantly evaluated.

“TB and HIV are high within the industry, with the stats we have received there is improvement but we felt we should come up with the strategy on  HIV and TB which is to help all mining companies to adhere to. Our work is to promote health and safety in mine workers. We do acknowledge that companies have their own strategies and some might not have the capacity to come up with a strategy.” Click below for more on the story: