Cosatu, SACP congratulate Lula da Silva on winning Brazil’s presidential race

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Union federation, Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) is among those who have welcomed the victory of Lula da Silva in Brazil’s presidential election in Brazil.

Da Silva has promised to unite workers’ parties around the world.

His victory is seen as something of a reversal in Brazil of what has been a growing dominance of right wing populism in many countries.

Cosatu’s spokesperson, Sizwe Pamla, says, “It represent the consolidation and the push back against right wing populism that has been gaining momentum over the last decade. The biggest lesson we can all learn as the working class from this elections is that mass mobilisation and working class unity remain the only reliable tool to push back against pro capitalist and the right wing political parties that are governing for the benefit of an elite minority.”

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has also congratulated the workers party in Brazil.

Lula defeated his rival Jair Bolsonaro whose economic policies as well as his stance on climate change and COVID-19 caused concern in many quarters and he was sent packing by the electorate.

Many left leaning parties and workers federations across the world are celebrating Lula’s victory.

SACP spokesperson, Alex Mashilo, says this is a step in a right direction for the left…

“The most popular president in Brazil’s democratic history Luiz Lula Da Silva faced trumped up charges. He fought bravely against the charges which were ultimately quashed with no evidence. His victory today is also a victory against the manipulation of justice.”