Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) says it’s deeply bothered by what it describes as the timid and indifferent Cabinet statement, that has failed to address some of the most critical issues troubling the country.

Cosatu says load shedding, fuel price increases, escalating crime, unemployment and shortage of police officers are some of the serious concerns for the federation which says Cabinet has not addressed.

In the video below, we reflect on SA’s unemployment crisis with Dr. Lumkile Mondi:

In a statement, Cosatu says there are those in Cabinet who are paying very little attention to corruption.

The union also says it’s ludicrous that the Cabinet has uncaringly welcomed and endorsed an austerity-centred Medium Term Budget Policy Statement that has led to the shortage of police personnel.

Spokesperson Sizwe Pamla says they want to see the reversal of the cut in nearly 6 000 police personnel while the promise to employ additional 7 000 police must be expedited.

Pamla says Metro Rail and Transnet, which are critical to ensure that workers and goods reach their destinations on time and safely, are limping.

Cosatu added that Cabinet is also silent about the many State Owen Entities and Municipalities that are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).