Cosatu calls on govt to be on high alert following Zuma ConCourt ruling

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The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) has called on law enforcement agencies to be on high alert amid concerns about possible negative reaction by some sections of society to the Constitutional Court ruling on former President Jacob Zuma’s incarceration.

The apex court dismissed the Department of Correctional Services’ application for leave to appeal a ruling that Zuma must go back to prison.

Acting Correctional Services Commissioner will now have to make a decision based on medical parole and other issues if Zuma must indeed return to prison.

The Jacob Zuma Foundation says the former president is currently in Russia for treatment of an unspecified ailment.

Cosatu’s parliamentary coordinator, Matthew Parks says, “First, we respect the Constitutional Court and think all South Africans should respect it. It is the ultimate authority on the law, but I think for us, what’s really critical is for government not to be caught napping like it was two years ago. We saw what happened two years ago, when there was significant backlash against the ruling previously.”

Marks says there was a mixture of criminal and political elements, among others, at the core of the July unrest.

“Obviously, it was orchestrated by criminal elements, opportunistic elements, political elements- and so forth. What we really want to see, is for law enforcement organs to be prepared- make sure the police, defence force, intelligence still exists, do the work properly,” adds Marks.

Cosatu calls on government to be on high alert: