‘Cosas 4’ murder trial set to resume

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The long-awaited historic ‘Cosas 4’ trial involving two former apartheid police officers, is expected to get underway at the Johannesburg High Court this morning.

Christiaan Rorich and Thlomedi Mfalapitsa face charges of crimes against humanity, murder and apartheid.

The charges relate to the murder of Eustice Madikela, Peter Matabane, Fanyana Nhlapo, and the attempted murder of Zandisile Musi in 1982.

The three students were killed by an explosion at the Krugersdorp mine, West of Johannesburg.

Musi survived the attack.

Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights, Zaid Kimmie, says he is confident there is a watertight case against the accused.

“I don’t think the facts of the matter are in dispute. People have, in fact, owned up to their part in the murders. What they will try and claim is that they weren’t directly responsible or (that) they were acting under orders. But you know that that’s something for the trial court to deal with – the fact that these four activists were lured to this pump station, and that a bomb was exploded with the intent to kill them and who planted the bomb and who set it off – those things are not in dispute.”

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