Corruption Watch welcomes Constitutional Court ruling on CPS

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Corruption Watch has welcomed the Constitutional Court’s decision to dismiss the application of Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) for leave to appeal a Supreme Court of Appeal judgment. CPS had been ordered to repay R316 million to the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

This relates to the matter that Corruption Watch had brought against CPS concerning an unlawful payment from SASSA to CPS. CPS had submitted that it would be unfair to pay back the disputed R316 million to SASSA as per the High Court order. They’ve argued that the initial contract with SASSA did not include the registration of children. However, SASSA submitted that CPS should have sought clarification regarding any inconsistencies with the contract.

The court ruled that the CPS appeal had no reasonable prospects of success and did not qualify for consideration as a constitutional matter.

Corruption Watch’s Caroline James says they are still concerned that no investigation into the relationship between CPS and SASSA has been undertaken.

“Corruption Watch is delighted that the Constitutional Court has confirmed the CPS appeal doesn’t constitute a constitutional matter and so it is not within the court’s jurisdiction. And while we’re pleased that this aspect of the legal procedure has come to an end, we are still concerned that no investigation has been undertaken into the relationship between SASSA and CPS and how this unlawful payment of R316 million was allowed to proceed and be approved by SASSA officials.”