Energy experts say one of the reasons of loadshedding is possibly due to Eskom deviating from regulations pertaining to the purchase of fine coal.

Energy expert Ted Blom says the current Eskom crisis that saw loadshedding reaching Stage due to corruption relating to the procurement of coal. He says Eskom has deviated from regulations pertaining to the purchase of fine coal.

On Monday, Eskom implemented Stage 6 loadshedding which continued until 23:00before it was downgraded to Stage 4 – which is expected to continue until 22:00 on Tuesday.

The move to Stage 6 was as a result of a shortage of capacity, following a technical problem at the Medupi power station, which impacted on additional generation supply.

Blom says procurement challenges are to blame.

“I believe there’s a problem with Eskom’s procurement practices. Worldwide nobody accepts more than 10% of fine coal in any delivery batch. So fine coal has no commercial value, and yet Eskom seems to be having a disproportionate amount of fine coal being delivered… and all I can attribute that to is ongoing corruption, where Eskom is paying top dollar for very poor product, and that is what is exacerbating the handling problems of the coal when there is wet weather.”

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