Dutch authorities say two more people infected with the coronavirus in the Netherlands have died, taking the total number of fatalities to three.

The National Institute for Public Health says the deceased were two men, aged 82 and 86, who had been in hospital and who already had medical problems before they were infected with the coronavirus.

The Netherlands registered its first fatal case, a 86-year-old man, who died in a hospital in Rotterdam on Friday.

The total number of infections in the Netherlands increased to 265 on Sunday, from 188 a day earlier.

The health authorities said 131 of these patients had recently been to Italy, the country at the heart of Europe’s largest coronavirus outbreak.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry has urged people to cancel all trips to the regions in northern Italy, which were virtually locked off by the Italian government on Sunday.

It also advised Dutch people travelling in these regions to leave.

The infographic below, contains educational information on COVID-19:

Chinese authorities first announced the emergence of a novel coronavirus that was the causative agent for an outbreak of respiratory disease.

It is believed the outbreak originated in a food market in Wuhan City, China. This virus has now come to be known as COVID-19.

The symptoms are largely respiratory, which can range from mild upper respiratory tract manifestations to respiratory failure, multi-organ failure and death.

The mortality rate is around 3% and evidence shows that the vast majority of fatalities are patients who are immunocompromised either due to extremes of age or pre-existing conditions.

Whilst there are ongoing studies, there is no proven cure and vaccine for the disease. Additional reporting by SABC Digital News