COPE views Dr JJ Tabane’s claims in serious light

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Allegations, legal threats and counter-threats are at the centre of the claims of who is behind the formation of the political party the Congress of the People (COPE).

This after broadcaster, Dr Onkgopotse JJ Tabane made shocking revelations about the people behind the formation of the party.

Dr Tabane mentioned former Finance Ministers Trevor Manuel and Tito Mboweni along with former President Thabo Mbeki.

Earlier today, Manuel spoke to SAfm current affairs about the allegations:

ANC NEC member Lindiwe Sisulu has since written a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene in the matter. However, she says it’s shocking that a comradely letter to President Ramaphosa has now been leaked to the media..

“How it leaked it’s what I am interested to find out. I think whoever is stoking a storm is being deliberate about it. I have a responsibility to ensure that where the ANC is concerned and I do feel I have an answer to communicate it and I did communicate that to the President and only to the President not to the nation. By the time we’ve reached an agreement within the ANC, then it might be communicated into the country.”

COPE views claims in serious light

COPE has expressed shock at the claims made by Dr Tabane about the people behind the formation of party.

COPE spokesperson Dennis Bloem says the party views these claims in a very serious light. He’s calling on Dr Tabane to come up with proof that indeed, the likes of Trevor Manuel were behind the formation of COPE.

“The person who makes these claims must come with proof. I know Trevor Manuel is not a coward, he would come up and tell the truth about what he has done. We want proof of these allegations so that we can be able to believe that there is a basis on which they are found. We take them in a serious light and they must be investigated. Because he was never an advisor to COPE, even former president Thabo Mbeki,” says Bloem.