COPE to prioritise the needs of the poor

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The years of sacrifice by those who fought to liberate South Africa will not be in vain. That’s the word from Congress of the People (COPE) leader, Mosiuoa Lekota.

Lekota was on the campaign trail in Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg.

Lekota says he will make sure the constitution is respected and prioritise the needs of the poor.

Lekota has lashed the ANC, saying it should be voted out of power for failing the poor.

He says he spent years in jail under apartheid for the purpose of building a united and progressive country.

“This is not what we fought for, but we will not stop. We will remain to the cause knowing that somewhere in the future there’s certainty that South Africa will rise.”

Residents of Orange Farm are hopeful that the attention from politicians could lead to change.

COPE candidate for Gauteng Premier, Denis Bloem is confident that they will do well in the hotly-contested province.