Congress of the People (COPE) President Mosioua Lekota has taken his party’s election campaign to Hammanskraal north of Pretoria which has for years been experiencing poor water quality challenges.

The Human Rights Commission found the water to be unfit for human consumption and in violation of human rights.

Lekota has been visiting people in their homes enquiring about their service delivery challenges.

Residents say they want improvement including tarred roads. Lekota implored the people of Hammanskraal to vote for COPE on November 1 if they want to realise improved living conditions.  He blamed the African National Congress (ANC) for the resident’s predicament.

“Councillors here are members of the ANC, but what have they be doing year in and year out for the people of Hammanskraal, nothing…corruption…it is for that we saying here is our mayoral candidate for Pretoria Dr Makwarela.”

Lekota is joined by COPE Tshwane mayoral candidate Dr. Murinwa Makwerela.

Makwerela says part of the solution COPE will bring in addressing the Hammanskraal water crisis, is to improve the capacity of the current water infrastructure which he says is under pressure due to in-migration and the increase of informal settlements in Tshwane.

Lekota says the Freedom Charter promised that people will receive decent homes and yet many people of Refiloe still live in shacks. He says there are no tarred roads and many are without jobs.

He says if people vote COPE, his party will improve their current living conditions.