COPE intensifies election campaign

Mosiuoa Lekota
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Congress of the People says it has intensified its election campaign. It is confident that its policies which are focused on uprooting corruption and investing on education will help it gain support.

Party president, Mosiua Lekota will be the face of the party in the May general elections. It also announced premier candidates who will be the face of the party in all nine provinces.

The announcement follows the party election manifesto which was held in East London in the Eastern Cape over the weekend.

COPE says it has learned from its past mistakes and is now united in all policy positions. It has reiterated the importance of letting go of Eskom and making use of solar energy as an alternative option that will not cost the country and ordinary citizens an arm and a leg.

Premier candidates have their work already cut out for them. They are to restore public confidence and get support for the party ahead of the 8 May elections.

COPE deputy president, Willie Madisha, says that the party is expecting more seats in Parliament after the elections.

“We expect to have many seats more than we have right now, both nationally and provincially. That we say because we are growing and the information is there that we are growing in all the provinces and that to us is extremely important. We were actually number three in the 2009 elections after ANC and DA, but we went down, but I want say that given the numbers that we have gained now; we believe we shall go up.”

Despite the party pronouncing on policies seen as unpopular, it says its stance on land is based on the Constitution of this country which says land is for all who live in it.