COPE calls on Ramaphosa to intervene in Cape Town taxi strike

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COPE is calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene in person in the taxi strike and the impasse between taxi council SANTACO and the City of Cape Town.

COPE says the livelihoods of thousands of workers are at stake while future of learners is also being affected.

The strike has entered its second week as talks to resolve the impasse over the impoundment of taxis by the City, have failed. Five people have been killed since the start of the protest.

SANTACO has extended the strike from Thursday until Friday as it is approaching the High Court in Cape Town to interdict the City from impounding its taxis.

COPE spokesperson Dennis Bloem says, “President Ramaphosa cannot close his eyes when people on the ground are suffering. The taxi strike in the Western Cape needs his urgent intervention. President Ramaphosa must go physically, call all role players around the table to solve the problem. President Ramaphosa can’t keep quiet when the future of thousands of schoolchildren are at stake. He can’t keep quiet when thousands of people can lose their jobs. COPE calls on President Ramaphosa to urgently intervene and go there physically to intervene and bring an end to the taxi strike.”