CONTRALESA urges political parties to accept election results

IEC ballot boxes
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The traditional leaders’ organisation, CONTRALESA, has called on all political parties who participated in this year’s elections to accept the outcome.

This appeal comes as vote counting is under way, with over 11% completed. The organisation’s president, Chief Lameck Mokoena, also urged the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) to maintain transparency to prevent disputes.

Mokoena says, “Leaders of political parties crisscrossed all corners of this country, wooing voters to vote for them. South Africans as well exercised their rights and voted for their preferred organisations. It is up to the IEC now to do the right thing. CONTRALESA calls upon the IEC to be as transparent as possible. This will avoid or eliminate disputes by political organisations.”

“CONTRALESA calls upon political organizations to please accept the outcome of these elections. However, if there are disputes, let that be done peacefully, not using violence. CONTRALESA wants to congratulate political organisations for putting up such a good fight.”

In KwaZulu-Natal, with under 1% of the vote count completed, the MK party is leading with 38.36%. The ANC is in second place with 32.32%, followed by the IFP with 15.81%.

Several voting stations across the province reported long queues after the official 9 o’clock close of polls last night.

The IEC in the province is expected to provide an update at midday today.

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