Traditional leaders’ organisation Contralesa says it will boycott the public hearings on the Customary Initiation Bill due to what it calls government’s failure to consult them first.

The public hearings will be conducted in KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga on Tuesday.

The Bill seeks to regulate the traditional custom and prevent deaths at initiation schools.

Contralesa president, Kgosi Lameck Mokoena says they will not comply with any law that will emanate from the Bill.

“Parliament decided to deliberately ignore or undermine traditional leadership and Contralesa. We are not going to respect any law that is passed without our participation because parliament is aware that there is a formal structure called Contralesa and national house therefore we have decided not to be part of this public hearings and we are not going to honour or respect this public hearings or any other legislation that will be passed after this public hearing. We are going mobilize our people telling them if there is any person who undermine or disrespect this leadership we are going to respond in a very nice way during elections”.