Contralesa encourages learners to choose courses wisely

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The Congress of Traditional leaders (Contralesa) is encouraging learners to take up courses that will help improve the lives of ordinary communities in rural areas when they finish their studies.

Contralesa president, Kgosi Lamerck Mokoena says the majority of learners take courses which end up not giving them employment opportunities.

He has urged government to further improve what he called critical subjects which include maths, science and agriculture…

“Our concern is as Contralesa is that some of the kids are not taking courses that improve the lives of their families. We want to urge the department to use the subject advisors to assist our kids to take courses that are relevant to their situation. We want to make a call that as we speak there are kids who are having diplomas and degrees but because they are not employable they sitting at home or working at supermarkets. Therefore, we want to make an appeal to the department to assist our kids to choose courses that will assist them in future.”