Contralesa calls for strict monitoring of spaza shops

Spaza Shop
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The Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (Contralesa) has issued a strong call for health inspectors and law enforcement agencies to intensify monitoring spaza shops that are reportedly selling expired food and dangerous items to children.

The organisation’s president, Kgosi Lameck Mokoena, emphasises the urgency of addressing the worrying incidents of children falling ill after consuming items purchased from unregistered spaza shops, and stresses the need for proactive measures to ensure the well-being of the nation’s youth.

Contralesa has reiterated the need for robust health inspections and vigilant enforcement of safety regulations in these establishments, following recent reports of learners from various schools across the country being rushed to hospital with stomach pains after consuming items from spaza shops.

Outcry over sale of expired goods at spaza shops

Mokoena also urges parents to discourage their children from buying items from unregistered spaza shops, highlighting the risks associated with consuming expired and potentially hazardous products.

“Contralesa expresses deep concern over the tragic incidents involving young children who have fallen ill or, in some cases, tragically lost their lives after consuming items from unregistered spaza shops. We urgently appeal to the government to allocate dedicated health inspectors and law enforcement personnel to conduct rigorous and random inspections at these shops, ensuring strict adherence to safety standards and the promotion of responsible business practices,” states Mokoena.

Emphasising the critical role of comprehensive regulatory oversight in ensuring the safety of children and the wider community, Contralesa urged law enforcement agencies to conduct thorough investigations and impose severe penalties on individuals found guilty of selling expired or dangerous food to children.

Law enforcement authorities conduct compliance operations at spaza shops in Durban