Contractors who were paid millions for a fence at Beitbridge ordered to pay it back

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Contractors who were paid millions before doing any work on the Beitbridge border fence have been ordered to pay back the profits they made from the controversial project.

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) took Magwa Construction and Profteam CC to court in a bid to recover money from the R40 million Beitbridge border fence project.

The SIU’s special tribunal spokesperson, Advocate Selby Makgotho, says that Judge Lebogang Modiba ruled that within 30 days of this order, the defendants shall deliver audited statements reflecting their respective income and expenditure in the contracts.

The SIU says that Magwa Construction and Profteam CC who are the defendants have been ordered to divest the profits because firstly Judge Modiba’s findings were that regrettably, the biggest loser in the whole circumstance will be the state and the public because they’ve been deprived of an opportunity to know what actually transpired.

Further corrective measures lie with the department, especially for those who designed, approved and implemented this Beitbridge border fence project, and its procurement processes, and those who failed to take appropriate steps.