“Constitutional Review Committee’s work on land issue a disgrace”

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Freedom Front Plus Chief Whip Corne Mulder has described Parliament’s Joint Constitutional Review Committee’s work on the land issue as a disgrace.

The committee conducted nationwide public hearings in provinces and in Parliament to review whether section 25 of the constitution should be amended to make provision for the expropriation of land without compensation.

Both the NCOP and the National Assembly passed resolutions which approve the committee’s report recommending that section 25 be amended.

In an interview with SABC news in Parliament, Mulder reflected on some of the high and low points in Parliament this year.

He says: “Some of the low points as far as I am concerned is the whole process with the expropriation of land. The constitutional review committee was a disgrace, nothing else but a disgrace.”

“People should not underestimate one’s intelligence. They think we are stupid. We are not stupid and they will pay the price for that. If you can’t even produce minutes of meetings and manipulate those minutes, they will pay the price for that. So the way that was pushed through Parliament, in an absolute pathetic amateurish way was to me the low point of the year.”