Conservation warns against stealing of fences at game farms

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The provincial Conservation Department has warned against the stealing of fences at the game farm saying it could result in another incident of elephants escaping.

The department’s Jonathan Denga says, “We have gone out to the farm on numerous occasions. Of course our team has done that. On the ground now, there’s – on daily basis, monitoring team that is, the elephant, rhino and people. We’ve worked very hard and very closely with the community leadership that is there to bring these people in to come and assist the community in managing those elephants.”

The cutting of fences at the Rietfontein Game Farm in Braklaagte near Zeerust in the North West has left it vulnerable to intruders. Communities around the game farm made headlines last year after feasting on two elephants that conversation authorities had culled following their escape from the game farm.

Ikalafeng Tlhame is from the Malebelele Communal Property Association which currently owns the game farm.

“People are committing crime at our farm but the main thing which is actually happening now is poaching and vandalism of the property. Hence we had an incident where the elephant also escaped previously it is because of the poachers that have come to our farm and do all the wrong things. We have tried to do awareness to the community. Currently, we are taking out notices to make sure that people are aware that we need to protect and conserve the animals that are there.”

The cutting of fences at the game farm has left it vulnerable to intruders.