Congregants killed in Empangeni described as avid church goers

Inside church building
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The 13 congregants killed when part of a Pentecostal Church building collapsed at Empangeni, have been described as avid church goers at a memorial service.

The congregants were killed just before the Easter weekend while attending the Passover service.

Sakhile Langa says the family has come to terms with the passing of their 75-year-old mother – Alta Langa.

“Before my family was very sad but now its happy because everything is going well especially the funeral. The leadership of the government took over even the church leadership. According to the family it was very for the situation because before it was very sad. I wish well for my mom everything is going to be ok. I remember when we were at home she loved to sing, whatever she was doing, she would sing. I remember she used to tell us that whenever we go to sleep or whatever we are doing, we need to pray.”

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Willies Mchunu says there are still unanswered questions surrounding the tragedy.

He was speaking at the memorial service. It is believed that the collapse was caused by the heavy rains.

Mchunu says it will take time for the survivors to come to terms with the traumatic experience.