Confirmation of body of Miguel Louw remains a shock

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The confirmation through DNA that the badly decomposed body of a boy found last week in Phoenix north of Durban is of Miguel Louw has shocked many who had hoped the 10-year-old would be found alive.

On Wednesday night police revealed that they are now investigating a case of murder.

Miguel went missing mid-July, and a suspect arrested by police in connection with his kidnapping remains behind bars.

Sydenham Community Policing Forum spokesperson, Satish Duphelia, says they will offer support to the distraught family.

“The community is really upset at what has happened to someone in the midst of their community, and especially to such a young child. The family of Miguel have been surrounded by a number of community members, and they have got great support from the community. It’s a terribly sad occasion for the family, and if the family has any needs, then the community will rise to assist them. When this kind of incident occurs, the only thing that you can do is to be there and be supportive but you actually can’t make them feel any better.”

Meanwhile, KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, Thembeka Mbhele, says that the suspect arrested in connection with the disappearance of the 10-year-old is still facing a charge of kidnapping.

Mbhele says police are investigating the murder case as well.

“The suspect is still facing the charges of kidnapping. He will be appearing on the September 17. There is a murder case that was opened at Phoenix, and the investigations are going to lead the police to whether the same suspect is charged, or another person is charged.”