Concern that Mpumalanga learners could miss out on exams

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There is growing concern that learners from Shiyalongubu village between Low’s Creek and Barberton in Mbombela, Mpumalanga will miss out on writing exams.

This, as their school transport is unable to access the area due to impassable roads when it’s raining.

With more rain forecast in the province, learners may miss school and not be able to sit down for their end of the year examinations.

A forgotten village. Tucked between picturesque mountains but getting there is a mission. The D233 road is impassable. At times dangerous.

Local chief, Elizabeth Madlopa says, “the scholar transport bus had three crashes on the road, we have been pleading for assistance from government, but they are not doing anything to help us, we don’t know who to cry too now.”

Bearing the brunt is school children who are sometimes forced to walk to school nearly 10 kilometres away.

“Rainy season is coming and exams are also round the corner and is it rain we can’t go to school for days.”

“If there no bus we are forced to walk, and the school is far, and we are not safe.”

The area is without a clinic, in case of emergencies the locals just hope that nothing extreme happens.

Resident, Leon Zulu says, “the ambulance it takes time to come here, and they are also complaining of the road, sick will die if nothing is done, even if they can bring us mobile clinic.”

Resident, Simon Gwebu says, “We tried several times to talk to government officials, but they don’t respond to us as the community.”

The provincial Public Works Department shifts the blame to the City of Mbombela and the embattled municipality had made several promises.

Mbombela municipality spokesperson, Joseph Ngala says, “we will be regravel the road and close all the potholes, but we hope the public works will do their part.”

But until the road is tarred this community will continue to suffer in silence.