Competition commission rules on school uniform compliance

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The Competition Commission has issued a no penalty order for failure to act in accordance with the formal requirements of the Competion Act in terms of school uniform compliance. This announcement follows the ratification of an agreement by the competition tribunal and the Independent Schools Association, (ISASA) as well as the School Governing Body federation, Fedsas, in Pretoria.

Commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele commended Isasa and Fedsas for committing to work with the commission to stop collusion when it comes to school uniform prices.

Bonakele says the anti-competitive pledge and agreement has the legal authority of a court order.

“The order is that they will make sure that the process is competitive, meaning there is no exclusive supplier agreement that are long term. That they will regularly check the market. So, they will issue bids to check what the market prices are like for school uniform. That they will offer parents choice in term of product quality, product range. But also choice, in terms of price, because price is quite important in this kind of market.”