‘Competent people to be recruited to resolve challenge in Hammanskraal’

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City of Tshwane Mayor, Cilliers Brink says they will hire competent people that are not politically connected to do work and resolve the challenge in Hammanskraal north of Pretoria. He says this is the only way they are going to defeat the cholera outbreak.

Brink was addressing the National Press Club in Pretoria where he also said that the source of the cholera outbreak is yet to be determined.

So far, 32 people have died due to Cholera with majority of the cases, about 29, recorded in Gauteng. There has been two deaths in the Free State and one in Mpumalanga.

On Thursday, President Cyril Ramaphosa visited Hammanskraal and put the blame on the Democratic Alliance (DA) led municipality.

However, Brink says finger pointing will not help address the situation. He says what is needed is an amicable solution that will assist the people of Hammanskraal.

“We have got to recruit competent people, we have got to find people on the same mould. We have made changes to the supply chain management policy of the City following the new procurement regulations. To simplify the scorecard, because the simplicity of that scorecard often gave people opportunities to make all sorts of dodgy decisions.”

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There are calls for the Hammanskraal cholera outbreak to be treated as a national emergency, as well as a humanitarian and human rights crisis.

Brink has welcomed this adding that every citizen has a constitutional right to challenge any wrongdoing by government and that his administration will comply with any directive by the courts.