Community networks important for ensuring an internet for all

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Community networks are integral in ensuring that internet-for-all is made possible to rural communities in South Africa, this is according to Zenzeleni Netwoks co-Founder, and Association for Progressive Communications’s Community Networks Project coordinator, Carlos Rey-Moreno

Zenzeleni Networks is a community-owned ISP, providing affordable communications in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Through various partnerships with communities, Rey-Moreno says Zenzeleni Networks has established various telecommunication infrastructures that are built and maintained by communities. This project has made it possible for various communities to not only have access to the internet but also learn technical aspects of providing connectivity.

A major focus of the project is to ensure the deployment of Wifi infrastructure for communities.

To date, Zenzeleni Netwoks is providing networks to two communities but also benefits three other communities. With a data centre located in Umtata, they are abler to bounce an internet connectivity signal to communities as far as Coffee Bay.

More than 10 thousand unique devices have had access to the network.

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