Community in fear as murders continue unabated

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The community of Intshanga west of Durban, is calling on law enforcement agencies to help solve the killings in that area. In the recent incident, four people were gunned down by unknown assailants this weekend.

Three of the victims were from the same family. The murders have sparked fear among community members about their safety.

It is alleged that the victims were inside a house when gunmen opened fire on the six occupants.
Three siblings and one other person were killed. Another victim was critically injured and was taken to hospital. A sixth person who was inside the house with the deceased, escaped unharmed and is in hiding, fearing for his life.
Members of the Shange family are mourning the loss of the three family members.
They say the shooting has left them traumatised.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, my sons were attacked by unknown men, they shot them inside the house, they died on the spot. there were six of them in all who were inside the house, five of them were injured and four died, one is in hospital and the other escaped uharmed. luckily in this six that I mention three of them are from our family the other three are from the neighbours”, says father of the victims, Bafanyana Shange.

15 people have reportedly been killed in the area in less than a month. Community members say they are living in constant fear.

“As a coomunity we are very shocked after this incident in the early hours of yesterday morning. the community as a whole is living in fear at the moment because even right now we do not know what was the cause of the attack on the Shange family home ending up with the death of their family members and a friend of the family and another one that was injured” says neighbour Msa Nxumalo.

Police say they are investigating charges of murder and attempted murder. No arrests have been made.

This incident took place, shortly after the killing of 4 people in Sweetwaters, Pietermaritzburg last weekend.
Police have detained suspects for questioning in connection with that incident.

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