The Communications Department has expressed its readiness to meet its 31 December deadline of switching off from analogue to digital terrestrial television. This emerged during a three-day conference on the broadcast digital migration in Bloemfontein.

Free State is the first province in the country to go digital from January 2019.

A number of deadlines have been missed in the past leading to the government incurring heavy fines.

Communications Minister Nomvula Mokonyane says a lot of scientific work has been done on the ground.

“We have 50 young South Africans residing in the Free State that are already trained to be part of those that will be doing connections and we’ve got various partnerships even with the manufacturing that are now also ready to help us in terms of reducing the costs of production of the appliances; and the retailers who are ready to go out and increase the capacity. The success of this relies on partnership and that is what the new approach is actually preaching about and moving away from a size fits all but gave a hybrid of different interventions.”