Commissions are necessary to renew SA: Ramaphosa

South African president - Cyril Ramaphosa.
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President Cyril Ramaphosa says the different Commissions of Inquiries, like the Commission of Inquiry in State Capture and the Nugent Commission, are necessary because they will lead to total renewal and a cleansed country.

He was speaking at the African National Congress (ANC’s) Provincial Gala Dinner in Kimberley ahead of the party’s Northern Cape Manifesto Launch.

“After we have gone through these Commissions of Inquiries, we will emerge much stronger, we will emerge much more determined. These processes are taking us through a catharsis; a catharsis is a moment where you will have to deal with something that is rocking you, but something that can lead to redemption. It will be a moment that South Africa will be completely renewed.”

He urged those who have been involved in corruption to be accountable to the nation for their actions and admit to wrong-doing.

“Those who have been involved in maleficence, those who have been involved in wrong activities, those who have been involved in corruption, must be man and woman enough to stand, and be accountable to stand and say yes we done wrong and be accountable to the nation,” he added.

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