Coligny murder trial postponed to September

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The Coligny murder trial has been postponed to September. The defence wants to call expert witnesses to testify, before Phillip Schutte is put on the stand.

Schutte, was pointed-out as having thrown 15-year-old Mathlomola Mosweu from a moving vehicle on April 20, last year.
Schutte has been on trial alongside Pieter Doorewaard for almost two weeks in the North West High court in Mahikeng.

Doorewaard testified on Monday and he was grilled by the State the entire morning. Agreeing that Mathlomola’s death was tragic, he said it wasn’t possible to convey condolences to the boy’s parents because of the violent protest action his death had sparked in Coligny.

Judge Ronald Hendricks wanted to know why Doorewaard didn’t return to the scene to check on a badly injured Mathlomola, after having reported the incident to police. He replied that he had put his trust in the police to look after Mathlomola and that he couldn’t do more to assist him.

The trial will resume from September 3-7.

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