People in many parts of the country, including in Gauteng, are set to experience even colder minimum temperatures on Saturday and into Sunday. There is currently an intense cold front sweeping over the country that has caused snowfalls in the Eastern Cape and the Free State.

The mercury is expected to dip below zero in many places, including Bloemfontein, where the minimum is expected to be around -6. The minimum for Kimberley on Sunday is expected to be around -4 degrees celsius.

Johannesburg is also expected to plunge to just below zero. Meteorologist, Azwi Tuwani, says the low temperatures are expected to last the rest of the weekend.

“Going to tomorrow, we will be experiencing a very cold day so far the maximum for Johannesburg 14 degrees and 16 degrees in Pretoria. For most parts of Gauteng, we are expecting a very cold day with a few clouds that will quickly dissipate. Tonight, very low numbers in south of Gauteng with Johannesburg at -1 and single digits in Pretoria.”