Coega special economic zone hosts supplier development

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The Coega special economic zone has hosted a supplier development day. It’s the first for a special economic zone and the focus is on small emerging companies.

The day was aimed to empower SMMEs and to demonstrate how to access assistance and funding.

A number of SMME owners pitched for the supplier development day, the program was filled with information.

Banks and SARS offered expertise on how to develop SMMEs and business compliance is key in bagging any tender or job.

SMME Gugu Carter says: “We gained so much knowledge in terms of how to operate, for example, I recently started my company it has been a year, and there is certain information that I am not aware of.”

Support services are essential in the gathering.

Black Umbrellas’ Shanaaz Hammond says: “The reason why you need support services is basically because most businesses fail in the first three years, it has been proven, and so Black Umbrellas is there to help with that gap.”

Such initiatives help prepare SMME owners for opportunities arising in the year.

Coega SMME program manager Unathi Maholwana says: “The theme for the day is about creating connections, bridges for success, now what we saying, one of the challenges SMMEs have is the red tape in terms of government regulations, on how they must comply in order for them to access opportunities.”

“We now saying, we bringing you together with key stakeholders within government institutions as well as private sector so that you can connect with them.”

The plan is to have an annual development program to inter-face with companies on current challenges.

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