Coca-Cola prepares consumers for Sugar Tax

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Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa says they have prepared consumers for the incoming Sugar Tax and the increase of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Treasury announced last month that VAT will increase from 14 to 15% as of the first of April.

Meanwhile, South African Revenue Services (SARS) announced that it will start collecting “Sugar Tax”, also from next month.

The levy is designed to support the Department of Health’s aim to reduce the incidence of diabetes, obesity and related diseases.

Tshidi Ramogase, the Public Affairs and Communications Director at Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa says the company’s non-sugar offerings such as their “Zero” range could be a healthier alternative.

“As a company we have been working quite closely with other peers in the industry to make sure we introduce alternative healthy beverages, in terms of non-sugar beverages. We have extended the range of our zero brands to give consumers the option and the choice to choose their beverages with less sugar sweetened. We continue to work with government and other stakeholders to make sure we keep SA healthy.”