Coalitions reflect a degree of political fragmentation: Mbalula

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ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula says the ANC has a different view from those who may think that coalitions are part of a maturing or failing democracy.

Mbalula was speaking at the National Dialogue on Coalition Governments at the University of the Western Cape where he presented the ANC’s proposal on coalitions.

One of the objectives of the dialogue is to develop a legal framework to govern coalitions.

Mbabula says the ANC views coalitions as neither good or intrinsically bad.

He they reflect a degree of political fragmentation.

“It is the degree of effect on the functionality of government systems in a given context that determines whether coalitions are good or bad. In democratic rationale, coalitions reflect split public opinion and a degree of political fragmentation where no party has been given a clear mandate to govern on its own. This is currently the case  in eighty municipalities across the country,” says Mbalula.

DP Paul Mashatile leads National dialogue with various stakeholders:

Former President Kgalema Motlanthe says South Africa needs a strong capable state.

The national dialogue has been convened by Deputy President and Leader of Government Business Paul Mashatile.

The event has brought together leaders of political parties, government and civil society organisations.

Motlanthe says he welcomes the initiative.

“I am looking forward to this discussion. We are  here to learn and be influenced. Firstly, that we  may emerge with a better understanding  of how to  strengthen the state. I am going to  the commission of the professionalisation of Public Service. I have a lot to say about it. It is  important because we don’t get  the strengthening of the state right then, of course, every five  years we will be going up and down because you need  a steady, capable permanent state. That’s what we need,” says Motlanthe.

The National Dialogue on Coalition | Samkele Maseko speaks to delegates: