Coalitions must work together to ensure service delivery is achieved: FF Plus

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The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) says coalitions must work together to ensure service delivery is achieved.

This comes after the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) mayoral candidate, Randall Williams, was re-elected unopposed in Tshwane on Tuesday.

The DA has won Gauteng’s three metropolitan areas, Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ekurhuleni.

The FF Plus’ Elections Head, Wouter Wessels says coalition agreements are still being formalised.

“We are still formalizing agreements with certain parties, but the DA and ourselves have a formal agreement and the other parties are on the brink of an agreement. So it is a formalized agreement and there won’t be any problems with that. We must turn around the fiscal position of Tshwane and then there are promises we must follow to ensure there [is] delivery of the promises made and we will put the residents of Tshwane first as well as act in their good interest,” says Wessels.

VIDEO: Prof Steven Friedman on DA taking over Tshwane:

Render services

Williams says political parties should put their differences aside to adequately render services to the citizens.

He says talks for a coalition government are ongoing.

“Negotiations are continuing. Like I said, we haven’t finalised the agreements. But as we put it down here, our leaders put it that there must be a coalition agreement. And these coalition agreements must be made public. So we must continue to pursue.”

Williams has outlined his priorities for the city – saying he wants to see weekly improvements in the metro’s finances and service delivery performance.

“That is still ongoing – the coalition negotiations. The priorities will be the finances, the delivery of basic services and the infrastructure. Those three have been my priorities since the end of last year. I base my decisions on evidence and data-driven decisions. What I am looking for is incremental improvements week by week. I will continue to do that as there have been improvements in the City of Tshwane,” says Williams .