Coalition government must have legislative framework to survive: Mashatile

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Deputy President Paul Mashatile says coalition government after next year’s election can only survive through a legislative framework.

Mashatile was answering oral questions in the National Assembly in Parliament as the leader of government business.

He appeals to all opposition parties to welcome the creation of a political consensus based on a statutory enacted agreement to regulate coalition government in the local sphere of government.

Mashatile says only a piece of legislation which will provide sustainability on coalition government next year.

“The process of legislation is going to be smoother, and easier. So my suggestion is going to be that you must bring your private members’ bill to me. Because what we are going to do that we are going to take all these elements and when we are going to do that we are going to send that dialogue. I supposed DA is going to send here it here, or you send it yourself. So we are not going against legislation. We are saying let us take this framework legislation and then taking there. In fact, We are going to be glad to know that there is already a technical amended COGTA going to deal with that. ”

Mashatile says the will of the people in any government or coalition should be respected.

“Because winning elections is the will of the people…when you have won most of the votes and you are allowed to be in the coalition that represents the interests of the people.

‘Amenable to forming coalition’

Democratic Alliance (DA) Chief Whip in Parliament Siviwe Gwarube has appealed to Mashatile to advise his party to be amenable to forming a coalition government with the opposition parties come next year’s elections.

Gwarube says, “The instability deputy president where we agree that the instability that we have seen at the local government cannot be replicated at the national level because the instability has been due to check book politics underscored by political maturate. So I am glad that you are asking for a national dialogue.”

“I am asking you today if these bills are coming here to parliament, can you as the deputy president of your party and the country assure South Africans out there that we will have enough political maturity to come together to pass legislation and in your capacity as the deputy president of the party to pass legislation, as you have stated today that we will put petty political differences aside.”

VIDEO:  Mashatile answers oral questions in the National Assembly: